There are numerous issues that need to be debated in an accountable manner, and with extensive consultation. With no attempt to exclude these many stakeholder interests from future consideration, I have prioritized 4 main topical points I feel need to be addressed. My primary concern is the push to “Love Lethbridge”, which will stimulate economic growth, financial investment, tourism, and civic pride.

Far from being an empty platitude or hollow sentiment, “Love Lethbridge” is an idea engineered to bring concrete and measurable returns to our community.


The city is a social organism, and the health of its heart is a metric by which you can measure the health of the entire civic body.  We need to focus on making the heart of our city a destination for retail and cultural experiences, while negotiating the current crisis with compassion and forward thinking.

I support festivals and events in the park, and initiatives to drive consumer activity into the core.  It is critical that we work on making Galt Gardens, our downtown commons, a welcoming place for individuals and families of all backgrounds and interests. I support the work of the SAGE Clan, and their vision for the park as a place where the vulnerable and marginalized are transitioned into housing & treatment. 

I would work on getting representatives from various agencies and interests together, including current municipal committees, the BRZ, community advocacy groups, and public health experts to develop concrete strategies for dealing with our crisis in an empathetic, visionary and realistic manner.

I look forward to consulting with the various stakeholders, and hearing their concerns and solutions.  I want to see downtown thrive.


I am a strong advocate for a healthy workplace ecology at City Hall and a respectful City Council. I will endeavour to engage in civil and diplomatic conversation with my colleagues. When representing diverse constituent voices, there are bound to be differences of opinion, and these will be met with mature dialogue.

A municipal council, like any collective group of invested individuals, functions most effectively as a team, demonstrating leadership through cooperation and solidarity in the democratic process.  A fractured and uncivil council sets an example for fractured and uncivil community.

Disagreement is inevitable and healthy in any relationship. These differences should be diplomatic rather than divisive, and tempered by respect, discourse, and decorum.

As a member of City Council, I will hold myself to a high professional standard of comportment, attitude, punctuality, and attendance. I will also expect the same degree of investment from my colleagues.

I will also build collaborative, rather than antagonistic, relationships with the hardworking individuals in city administration.


I am an advocate of responsible civic stewardship, and support transparency in the processes of governance.  I believe in financial responsibility and extensive consultation with community stakeholders when undertaking projects that will impact them.  Moving forward out of the pandemic, we need to proceed with fiscal caution, while staying ready to make bold & visionary decisions that will grow the community.