Logan Loves Lethbridge

Darcy Logan for Lethbridge City Council

Accountability, Responsibility, and Respect.

My name is Darcy Logan. For over 2 decades I have lived, worked, and volunteered in our community.  I “Love Lethbridge”, and I hope I can encourage you to do the same, and take this journey with me.

Far from being an empty platitude or hollow sentiment, “Love Lethbridge” is an idea engineered to bring concrete and measurable returns to our community.

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Oki, Hello,
My name is
Darcy Logan....

… and I am excited to announce my council candidacy for this amazing community situated in Treaty 7 territory, the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people. I have lived and worked in Lethbridge for over 20 years, and despite opportunities to relocate I have chosen to stay in this vibrant, resilient, curious, and contradictory community. In tandem with professional experience in the public and private sectors, I have also been invested in our community as a volunteer for numerous organizations, committees, and boards. I look forward to continuing my service in a leadership capacity at the municipal level.

My Platform

There are numerous issues that need to be debated in an accountable manner, and with extensive consultation.  With no attempt to exclude these many stakeholder interests from future consideration, I have prioritized 4 main topical points I feel need to be addressed. My primary concern is the push to “Love Lethbridge”, which will stimulate economic growth, financial investment, tourism, and civic pride.


We need to elicit civic pride, and encourage our community to champion our world-class businesses, recreation, and cultural opportunities; this is particularly urgent as we transition out of the pandemic. Let’s privilege local.


The city is a social organism, and the health of its heart is a metric by which you can measure the health of the entire civic body.  We need to focus on making the heart of our city a destination for retail and cultural experiences. 


I am a strong advocate for a healthy workplace ecology at City Hall and a respectful City Council. I will endeavour to engage in civil and diplomatic dialogue with my colleagues.


Moving forward out of the pandemic, we need to proceed with fiscal caution, while staying ready to make bold & visionary decisions that will grow the community.

I recognize that while residing in Lethbridge, I am on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people of Treaty 7, and pay respect to the Blackfoot people past, present and future.

Special thanks to Angeline Simon photography for the portraits, and Len Komanc for the hand-painted election sign!