Oki, Hello. My name is Darcy Logan, and I love Lethbridge.

I was born in Grande Prairie and grew up in Prince George, an industry community situated in the central interior of British Columbia. After time employed in a sawmill, I migrated back to Alberta as a young man. Relocating to Grande Prairie, I worked as a tradesman installing eavestrough, spent time in the service industry as a bartender, and managed the front desk of a local hotel.

Rediscovering a latent passion for the arts, I enrolled as a mature student at the Grande Prairie Regional College and began pursuing studies in that field. The trajectory of my journey brought me to Lethbridge, where I concluded my undergraduate degree at our nationally respected University.

As I started to invest myself in the community, I subsequently grew to love this unique and vibrant city and decided to stay and make it my home. I have now been here for over 20 years, putting down roots and endeavouring to contribute in positive ways to the growth of our community. I live in the heart of the city’s core with my wife Alexis, a public health nurse, and Finnegan, our little white rescue dog. Since 2013 I have been employed by the not-for-profit Allied Arts Council as the Gallery Services Manager at Casa, where I provide opportunities for local artists, and previous to that at the Bowman Arts Centre.

My journey in the not-for-profit sector has seen me employed by several institutions; the Grande Prairie Regional College, the Prairie Art Gallery, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Allied Arts Council. I have also been, during various points during my two decades in Lethbridge, been an one-time and ongoing volunteer for several organizations including Rotary, the SAAG, Neighbourhood Watch, and the Alzheimers Association. I helped form, or sat on various Boards including Managers of Volunteer Resources, Trap\Door Artist Run Centre, the Potemkin Collective, and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. I have also lent my professional expertise to numerous public committees and community groups. As an artist, I have maintained both an active studio practice and consistent exhibition record, at one-time creating and managing an entrepreunarial business that saw me creating and fabricating hand-made magic tricks to illusionists and sleight-of-hand artists across the globe.

My experience in the private and public arenas has taught me proper board governance, time-management, fiscal transparency, and stakeholder accountability. These qualities will provide me a balanced and reasoned approach to civic stewardship. I look forward to further serving our community in a leadership capacity.

  • stewardship and governance
  • transparent reporting
  • stakeholder accountability
  • extensive committee experience
  • respect, civility, and diplomacy

Experience in the public and private sectors.  Currently employed by the Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge, a not-for-profit organization, as  Gallery Services Manager at Casa.


  • Grande Prairie Regional College
  • Prairie Art Gallery
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts
  • Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge


  • Managers of Volunteer Resources
  • Trap\Door Artist Run Centre
  • The Potemkin Collective
  • the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.


  • Rotary
  • SAAG
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Alzheimers Association
  • Galt Museum
  • and more